Cenelec Publishes EN 62949:2017 Standard for Safety Requirements of the Interface to the ICT Network

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) has announced EN 62949:2017. This standard pertains to particular safety requirements for equipment to be connected to information and communication networks.

Description: IEC 62949:2017 applies to the interface of equipment designed and intended to be connected as a communication terminal to an information and communication technology (ICT) network termination. This document does not apply to: – equipment covered by IEC 62368-1; or – interfaces to other networks.

This document specifies the safety requirements of the interface to the ICT network only. Requirements additional to those specified in this document may be necessary for equipment intended for operation while exposed, for example, to extremes of temperature, to excessive dust, moisture, or vibration, to flammable gases, to corrosive or explosive atmospheres and electro medical applications with physical connections to the patient.

The following requirements are not covered by this document: – functional safety of equipment; – functional reliability of equipment; – communication facilities with remote supply using hazardous voltage; – protection of equipment connected to ICT networks from functional damage.

*Description from CENELEC’s website.

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