Cell Tower Upgrade in Harvard, MA Faces Opposition

Some residents in the town of Harvard, MA are opposing a planned upgrade to a cell tower in the town, citing concerns about the safety of electromagnetic radiation.

According to a recent article in the Harvard Press, the town’s local newspaper, opposition is focused on a special permit requested by a contractor to AT&T to replace old radio equipment on one of the cell towers located within the town and replace it with more up-to-date technology. The company’s permit application filed with the town’s Planning Board says that the new equipment will not significantly change the appearance of the tower and would not generate any vibrations, noise, or fumes.

However, during a hearing at the Board’s February meeting, a number of residents expressed concerns about the increased potential for radiation stemming from the upgrade, as well as the dangers of 5G technology. According to the Harvard Press article, one resident claimed that “the FCC approval doesn’t mean anything because they aren’t doing any health studies, and if they are, they are swaying them in their favor.” Another resident implored members of the town’s Planning Board to read the arguments against 5G technologies posted on an anti-5G website.

Planning Board Chair Justin Brown, a trained nuclear scientist, reportedly took the opportunity during the hearing to explain the science behind electromagnetic radiation and why the cellphone communications technologies do not pose a risk. He also argued that the basis for the opposition on the part of some town residents was a 2018 study of the effect of radio waves on rats, a study Brown says was severely flawed in its design and its findings.

The Planning Board was expected to vote on the special permit request at its March 15th meeting. As of this writing, there is no information regarding the Board vote. Stay tuned!

Read the Harvard Press article regarding the opposition to the planned cell tower upgrade.

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