Cell Phone Safety Debate Continues, Environmental Working Group Evaluation Released

Do cell phones cause cancer?  This question continues to be the cause of debate amongst safety experts throughout the world.  The research continues and results continue to be inconclusive. 

Recently, experts from around the globe gathered in Washington, D.C. for a three-day conference on the risks associated with cell phone use sponsored by the Environmental Health Trust and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.  The conference coincided with a Senate hearing on Cell Phones and Health.  Video coverage of the Senate hearing may be viewed here.   And complete coverage of the conference may be viewed here

The Environmental Working Group has a released its 10-month evaluation of the hazards of cell phone radiation.  The evaluation may be viewed on their website and a pdf version of the report is also available. 

Many of our readers are experts in the area of cell phone safety.  We invite your comments on the topic.

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