Burglar Traced with Facebook Account

facebook website screenshot

A preoccupation with Facebook has apparently led to the arrest of Minnesota man on charges of second degree burglary.

According to the Reuters News Service, the man, 26 year-old Nicholas Wig, allegedly broke into a home in a South Saint Paul neighborhood, taking with him an iPod Shuffle and a watch, along with cash, credit cards and a checkbook. However, the alleged thief was not in too much of a rush, since he apparently had enough time to log into his Facebook account on a computer located in the home.

Returning after the thief departed, the home’s resident found his front door unlocked and a screen removed from a side window, and his home in disarray. He also found the thief’s Facebook profile open on his computer. The resident later recognized the thief on a nearby street based on his Facebook picture, and alerted the police.

Wig faces felony charges in connection with the burglary, which carries up to a $20,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.