Bug bomb collapse (from our “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file)

Efforts by a New York woman to rid her apartment of bugs have apparently resulted in the partial collapse of her five-story building.

According to the Reuters News Service, the women deployed nearly two dozen “bug bombs” inside her tiny Chinatown apartment in early July. Unfortunately, fire department officials believe that the highly-flammable cloud of insecticide released by the bombs was accidentally ignited by the pilot light in her stove or some other kitchen appliance, resulting in an explosion that caused a partial collapse of some of the building’s ceilings and walls. Fourteen people were reportedly injured in the blast.

The women reported to fire officials that she had also set off 20 bug bombs in her apartment the previous day without incident. According to the Reuters report, one bug bomb per room is typically sufficient to exterminate most insect infestations.