Brunton Outdoor’s Rechargeable Battery Packs Pose Fire Hazard

Brunton Outdoor is recalling 1,090 rechargeable battery packs because the lithium ion polymer batteries can overheat and catch on fire during charging, posing a fire hazard. The company has received two reports of the battery packs overheating and catching on fire, including one incident that caused $25,000 of property damage and another where a garage burned down and caused property and smoke damage to the home next door.

The recall includes Brunton’s Impel and Impel 2 rechargeable, portable battery packs that are used to charge cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. They were made in China and sold from February 2011 through May 2015 for about $300 at: Adorama, Austin Canoe & Kayak, Moontrail, REI, The Clymb,, and other outdoor equipment retailers nationwide. The battery packs can be plugged into an A/C wall outlet, a 12 volt car charger or an attachable solar panel for recharging. They have 16 and 19 volt outputs and a USB port. The Impel model also has a 12 volt output.

We are deeply committed to the safe usage of our products and assure our customers that safety and quality are our highest priority. All new products strictly follow regulations and submit to third party tests to verify consumer safety and functionality.

Lars Ola Brolinson, CEO of Primus and Brunton.
Source: CPSC | Brunton

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