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Boston Business Journal Places Staticworx on List of Region’s Fastest Growing Companies for 3rd Straight Year

Staticworx Inc., North America’s leading producer of anti-static flooring products, has once again made The Boston Business Journal’s “Pacesetters” list of fast-growing privately held companies. Despite a difficult economy for construction materials, Staticworx has been listed three years in a row.

“Fast-growing private companies are at the core of Boston’s economic strength,” said Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal. “Our Pacesetters list is a celebration of local innovation and business leadership.”

David Long, the CEO of Staticworx, Inc., cites a corporate decision to move vinyl tile manufacturing from overseas back to the USA as the single biggest contributor to the company’s growth. The company’s precision-milled Ameriworx antistatic tile has been embraced by flooring contractors across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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“High- quality, tight-tolerance floor tiles can be installed more neatly and much faster than tiles sourced from other parts of the world,” Long says. Labor now represents over 50% of the cost of installed flooring. Working with precision milled solid vinyl tiles significantly reduces labor costs and warranty claims, translating into higher revenue for contractors and better installations for their customers.

With AIA Course, Staticworx Filled an Education Gap.

Their American Institute of Architects (AIA) accredited course, the first of its kind in the industry, also contributed to the growth of Staticworx and the company’s success. The course covers static control and electrical safety considerations, which architects need when selecting and installing flooring with electrical grounding properties.

Clients were confused by conflicting terminology and unfamiliar standards, Long points out. In simple language, Long, the workshop leader, teaches a largely non-technical audience how to cite the proper industry codes and standards for grounded flooring.

By educating architects, Staticworx filled the information void in the architecture and design community. The company has received numerous referrals as a result and it continues to drive traffic to their customer service group and information-loaded website. “We help our clients reduce liability and safety risks by following industry best practices they did not even know existed,” Long says. “This creates brand confidence and customer loyalty. As a result, architects are writing Staticworx products into their building plans and project specifications.”

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In 2011, to supplement their educational outreach, Staticworx launched an online YouTube video library. Without overt product or brand references, the videos explain, in simple language, the process of selecting and grounding antistatic flooring – based on multiple disciplinary factors such as electrostatics, electrical safety codes, ergonomics and suitability. These popular videos, available on YouTube, have had thousands of views.

Staticworx, Inc. is North America’s largest manufacturer of electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring products that protect work sites with customized, static-free solutions. Based in Watertown, Mass., Staticworx has offices and warehouses on both coasts. Comprehensive flooring options include rubber, vinyl tile, carpet, epoxy, and adhesives. All products meet international standards, are environmentally friendly, and come with lifetime warranties. Start-to-finish services include ongoing access to technical support. Known as problem-solvers and educators, Staticworx streamlines the supply chain, working directly with contractors and end-users to provide accountability. The company has won many industry accolades and has served thousands of customers with experience that spans 35-plus years. For more information, visit 

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