Blu Wireless Combines Imagination’s MIPS Aptiv CPUs in Groundbreaking 60GHz System IP for WiGig and Backhaul Markets

Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and Blu Wireless Technology (BWT) are sharing details of Blu Wireless’ new HYDRA baseband technology for efficient multi-gigabit wireless processing. The ground-breaking technology leverages multiple MIPS Aptiv processors together with HYDRA vector DSP technology in a unique heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture targeting the burgeoning 60GHz space.

The 60GHz market is being driven by consumer demand for HD video ‘anywhere, anytime’ via smartphones, laptops and tablets. 802.11ad Wi-Fi (also called WiGig), which uses the 60GHz band, is now hitting the market and is capable of delivering more than 20 times the speed of existing Wi-Fi. This enables the near instantaneous sharing of large HD video files between devices and also supports low latency wireless streaming of video and gaming content to large HDTVs.

With its high-performance, power-efficient design, the MIPS architecture has long been known as the architecture of choice for communication networks. The MIPS microAptiv CPU is particularly well suited to deeply embedded multi-core designs such as the HYDRA WiGig baseband processor, where the combination of a tightly coupled co-processor interface with customised co-processor instructions provides an efficient route to extended designs. Alongside this exists a mature software development and debugging environment for extended multicore processors.

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