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Barbara V. Scherer Named to ANSYS Board of Directors. Jacqueline C. Morby Retires from ANSYS Board.

ANSYS, Inc. has announced that Barbara V. Scherer has accepted an appointment to the ANSYS Board of Directors effective April 26, 2013, and that Jacqueline C. Morby, a 19-year veteran of the ANSYS Board, will retire at the end of her current term.

Ms. Scherer is the former SVP, Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Plantronics, Inc., a global leader in audio communication devices for businesses and consumers. In this position, she was responsible for all aspects of the company’s financial management, as well as information technology, legal and investor relations. She retired from Plantronics in September 2012 after having served as CFO since joining in 1997. Prior to Plantronics, Ms. Scherer held various executive management positions spanning eleven years in the disk drive industry, was an associate with The Boston Consulting Group, and was a member of the corporate finance team at ARCO in Los Angeles.

“Barbara’s talent, experience and perspective will be most valuable in helping guide the ANSYS strategic and operational focus,” said Peter J. Smith, executive chairman of ANSYS.

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“The ANSYS vision is compelling on so many fronts. Simulation-Driven Product Development not only makes product development more efficient and predictable, it simultaneously and inherently fosters innovation.

From a CFO’s perspective, I can really appreciate the multiple elements of value ANSYS delivers,” said Scherer. “I’m thrilled to join the Board and be part of the future at ANSYS.”

Ms. Scherer received bachelor’s degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an M.B.A. from the School of Management at Yale University.

Ms. Morby, the longest standing member of the ANSYS Board, will retire in May 2013 at the end of her current term. “On behalf of our stockholders, customers, employees and my fellow Board members, I express our gratitude to Jacqui for her dedication and service to ANSYS over the last 19+ years. Her wealth of knowledge, business acumen and insight have contributed substantially to our success,” said Mr. Smith.

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