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Werner Schaefer

Werner Schaefer is a compliance quality manager and technical leader for EMC and RF/uwave calibrations at Corporate Compliance Center of Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA. He has 25 years of EMC experience, including EMI test system and software design, EMI test method development and EMI standards development. He is the chairman of CISPR/A/WG1 and a member of CISPR/A/WG2 and CISPR/B/WG1. He also is the US Technical Advisor to CISPR/A and a member of ANSI C63, SC1/3/5/6/8, and serves as an A2LA and NVLAP lead assessor for EMI and wireless testing, software and protocol testing and RF/microwave calibration laboratories. He also serves as an ANSI representative to ISO CASCO, responsible for quality standards like ISO 17025 and ISO 17043. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the IEEE EMC Society. He was actively involved in the development of the new standard ANSI C63.10 and the latest revision of ANSI C63.4, mainly focusing on test equipment specifications, use of spectrum analyzers and site validation procedures. Werner Schaefer is also a RAB certified quality systems lead auditor, and an iNARTE certified EMC engineer. He published over 50 papers on EMC, RF/uwave and quality assurance topics, conducted numerous trainings and workshops on these topics and co-authored a book on RF/uwave measurements in Germany.

From This Author

The Future Revision of ISO/IEC 17025 and its Impact on EMC and Radio Testing Laboratories

This article will summarize the major changes of the new revision of ISO/IEC 17025-2005, present the new outline of the standard and will discuss the new concept of a “risk-based” approach of implementing requirements.

Antenna Parameters and Antenna Calibration

Radiated emission measurements are required worldwide as one type of EMI measurement to demonstrate product compliance with regulatory requirements.

Importance of Traceability in EMI Measurements

This article will introduce the concept of traceability, discuss the role an EMC test laboratory must assume to ensure traceability of test results and will introduce a future amendment to CISPR 16-1-1 which describes the requirements for calibration of EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers.

Narrowband and Broadband Discrimination with a Spectrum Analyzer or EMI Receiver

Spectrum analyzers and scanning receivers are widely used in EMI laboratories today. Their use for measuring both narrowband and broadband signals requires specific understanding of certain instrument and signal characteristics in order to correctly interpret the displayed results. This article explains methods for the discrimination between narrowband and broadband signals and provides guidance for the proper operation of test instrumentation.

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