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Reinhold Gärtner

Reinhold Gärtner received his diploma in physics from the Technical University of Munich in 1987. Then, he joined the Federal Armed Forces University Munich, where he worked on measurement techniques for ESD protective packaging materials. After working as an independent ESD consultant, he joined Siemens Semiconductors in 1996, which is now Infineon Technologies. As a Distinguished Engineer for ESD protection, he is responsible for all problems regarding external ESD protection at Infineon worldwide, problems in customer production, and ESD device testing for qualification. Since 1989, he has lectured on static control, and since 1991, he has been an active member of the German ESD Association, where he has been acting as vice president for the last few years. Since 1995, he has worked in the ESD standardization of IEC TC101 Electrostatics, where he is currently convenor of the working group “Protection of Electronic Devices Against Static Electricity.” In 2009, he received the Outstanding Contribution award of the ESDA, and between 2011 and 2019, he was part of the ESDA board of directors.

From This Author

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It is now well known that testing for CDM ESD evaluation is becoming a bigger challenge. An alternate approach called capacitively coupled transmission line pulsing (CCTLP) offers advantages over standard field-induced CDM testing.

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There are several scenarios where integrated circuits (ICs) are mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs) which might be charged-up and experience CDM-like events.

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