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W. Michael King

W. Michael King is a systems design advisor who has been active in the development of over 1,000 system-product designs in a 50 year career. He serves an international client base as an independent design advisor. Many terms used for PC Board Layout, such as the “3-W Rule”, the “V-plane Undercut Rule”, and “ground stitching nulls”, were all originated by himself. His full biography may be seen through his web site: Significantly, he is the author of EMCT: High Speed Design Tutorial (ISBN 0-7381-3340-X) which is the source of some of the graphics used in this presentation. EMCT is available through Elliott Laboratories/NTS, co-branded with the IEEE Standards Information Network.

From This Author

Common-mode Field Transfer: Coupling Between Circuit Boards and Conductive Chassis Structures

The myth: Digital (high frequency spectra) circuit boards can be isolated from chassis structures. The...

Systems Response to Electrostatic Discharge: Part 2

Through the referenced research efforts, it has been recognized that the spectral bandwidth of the ESD event, considered as a continuum, is highly dependent on the electrostatic initialization amplitudes that are evident immediately prior to the displacement of the stored energy through the ESD event.

Systems Response to Electrostatic Discharge: Part 1

This paper discusses the application of ESP impulse waveform research results toward understanding the ESD amplitude-waveform dependency of susceptibility responses from systems products and outlines the conceptual aspects of the test methodology required for thorough product evaluation.

Digital “Noise” Common-mode Coupling Mechanisms in the Z-Axis

The development of “digital common-mode noise” within circuit devices and subsequently within circuit boards is initially formed by peak over-shoot and under-shoot currents in the power and return planes. The peak currents are attributable to the “cross-conduction” transitions in circuit devices, where the driver literally segments turning “on” before the pull-down drivers turn “off”.

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