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Keith Armstrong

After working as an electronic designer, then project manager and design department manager, Keith started Cherry Clough Consultants in 1990 to help companies reduce financial risks and project timescales through the use of proven good EMC engineering practices. Over the last 20 years, Keith has presented many papers, demonstrations, and training courses on good EMC engineering techniques and on EMC for Functional Safety, worldwide, and also written very many articles on these topics. He chairs the IET’s Working Group on EMC for Functional Safety, and is the UK Government’s appointed expert to the IEC committees working on 61000-1-2 (EMC & Functional Safety), 60601-1-2 (EMC for Medical Devices), and 61000-6-7 (Generic standard on EMC & Functional Safety).

From This Author

Banana Skins – October 2022 (#397-403)

During the testing of one aircraft, we suffered a very marked and complete electrical failure of the aircraft (much to the alarm of both the test engineers and the cockpit crew) which turned out to be due to the EUT we were testing.

Getting the Best EMC from Shielded Cables Up to 2.8 GHz, Part 1

Part 1 of this two-part article explores some basic rules for terminating cable shields. Part 2 of the article will appear in our October 2022 issue and will summarize the results of recent testing conducted by the author on the shielding effectiveness of screened cables up to 2.8 GHz

Banana Skins – August 2022 (#394-396)

Because of their mobility, vehicles will be placed in many different kinds of Electromagnetic environments.

Banana Skins – July 2022 (#385-393)

Search and rescue transmitter interferes with car alarms, central locking, and garage door openers in Las Vegas.

Banana Skins – June 2022 (#383-384)

Walkie-talkies interfere with electronic door locks on aircraft cockpits.
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Banana Skins – January 2022 (#358-364)

Operating my personal document shredder crashes my digital TV set-top box, although it is 5 metres away. Toggling the on/off button on the set-top box restores normal operation. 

Banana Skins – November 2021 (#354-357)

In the kitchen we have a radio/tape/cd and recently the tapes have been playing with very poor sound quality.

Banana Skins – August 2021 (#347-353)

Cellular telephones can interfere with medical equipment – Mayo Clinic concludes

Banana Skins – July 2021 (#342-346)

Major news outlets in the Philadelphia metropolitan area report that the head of the city’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has called on city officials to replace the two-and-a-half year old Motorola police radio system because of repeated communications failures.

Banana Skins – June 2021 (#333-341)

The rear-screen heater in my BMW 3-Series causes so much interference when switched on that it’s impossible to listen to the car radio.
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