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Daniel Hoolihan

Daniel D. Hoolihan is the founder and principal of Hoolihan EMC Consulting. He is the Immediate Past-Chair of the American National Standards Committee C63 on EMC. He is also a past president of the IEEE’s EMC Society and the current Chair of the History Committee of the Society’s Board of Directors. Hoolihan is also an assessor for the NIST NVLAP EMC and Telecom Laboratory Accreditation program.

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A Brief History of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing of Electronic Products

This updated version of an article originally published in the March 2014 issue provides details on recent and current developments in the ESD testing of electronic products.

ANSC C63 Committee on EMC: A 2023 Status Report

This article is intended to cover recent operations of the ANSC C63 Committee, including an announcement of a Chairmanship change and detailed descriptions of the most recently released C63 Standards.

The American National Standards Committee on EMC – C63®

This article describes the activities of the C63 Committee on EMC over the last two years. It summarizes how the Committee has been remotely meeting and reports on the progress the Committee has made on its active EMC standards.

Update on IEC CISPR Subcommittee B Activities: Amendment 2 and other Potential Improvements

This article describes the latest developments with CISPR Subcommittee B. It highlights the changes in Amendment 2 of CISPR 11 – Edition 6.0 released in January of 2019.

The ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee on EMC – C63®

Many EMC engineers consider the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C63® Committee on EMC to be the National Committee on EMC for the United States.
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Standards Update from ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C63® on EMC

Learn about the new/revised standards published in the first half of 2017.

The ANSI-ASC C63® Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility

This article is an update on the status of the ANSI-ASC C63® Committee on EMC (the C63 Committee).

EMC Lab Selection – Revisited

Designers of electronic products are frequently faced with the question “how do I find...

CISPR 11: An Historical and Evolutionary Review

Editor’s Note—This article was originally published in 2010 in In Compliance Magazine, and has...

A Brief History of Electrostatic Discharge Testing of Electronic Products

1403 esd-testing coverWith the inventions of the transistor in 1948 and the Integrated Circuit in 1958, and the utilization of these major breakthroughs in the development of computers and other electronic devices, industry began to worry about and to design components and end-products that could survive the discharge of electrostatic discharges to chips, printed circuit boards, and final packaged-products.

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