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Chris Semanson

Christopher Semanson works at Renesas Electronics America Inc. as a Staff Power Systems Applications Engineer in Durham, NC supporting the design of PMICs and other power generation semiconductors in automotive applications in accordance with ISO 26262. He has five years previous experience in EMC Education at the University of Michigan, teaching EMC and Electronics with Mark Steffka. Semanson has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan Dearborn. He can be reached at

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Introduction to Validation Test Concepts in a Mixed Signal ASIC

Traditionally, validation engineers of analog products have had to worry about one thing, their analog function. But with the advent of functional safety, the complexity in system design has increased, and functions once found only in digital devices are now making their way into analog devices as well. This leaves individuals with one question- how to validate?

Design Considerations in Spread Spectrum Modulation for CISPR 25/CE Testing

In this article, we establish design guidelines of a spread spectrum modulation circuit as it relates to CISPR 25.

Applying ISO 26262 to Power Management in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Are you a new safety manager shopping power converters and wondering about the features listed under the functional safety section? Or are you a seasoned design and release engineer looking to start on a new ISO 26262 module? Either way, this article offers guidance in applying functional safety concepts to your next automotive design.

Designing with Capacitive Touch for Commodity Applications

This article examines the different parts of capacitive touch design and provides a checklist of what to look for when designing a product.

A Discussion on Low-Cost Printed Circuit Board Design

Low-cost designs are often an underserved and challenging part of a layout engineer’s career and getting increasingly complicated.
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Proper Probe Practice is Paramount in Practical Systems

If someone were to ask you what one singular device is most synonymous with testing, or even electrical engineering, the overwhelming response would most likely be the oscilloscope probe.

An Overview of Transmission Lines in Electronic Systems

This article is a brief guide to identifying and troubleshooting Signal Integrity issues.

Conducted Emissions Bootcamp

This article offers an understanding of what conducted emissions are, their sources and paths, how to measure for them, and how to control them at different stages of design.

Developing and Modeling a Simulation Framework for Common EMC Topics

Modeling and simulation is a complex topic, usually left to experts of the EMC field as the amount of knowledge and understanding that goes into creating a model can be tremendous.

View from the Chalkboard

By the time you read this, I will have completed my Fall semester undergraduate...
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