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Min Zhang

Dr. Min Zhang is the founder and principal EMC consultant of Mach One Design Ltd, a UK-based engineering firm that specializes in EMC consulting, troubleshooting, and training. His in-depth knowledge in power electronics, digital electronics, electric machines, and product design has benefitted companies worldwide.

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Using RF Monitoring Probes to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

In large systems, such as big cabinets housing numerous electronic components, employing the near-field probe method can be time-consuming and, depending on the voltage level, potentially unsafe (for instance, when dealing with high-voltage circuits requiring isolation). In such scenarios, an alternative approach is necessary.

Using a Near-Field Probe to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

Solving EMI problems isn’t only about ensuring that a product can meet EMC regulations and standards (although it’s a significant part of the job). Another crucial reason for addressing EMI issues is to enhance product reliability, especially when a product operates in public or industrial areas where there are many different types of noise sources.

Setting Up a Benchtop Conducted Emission Test

Conducted emission tests can provide reasonably accurate results and also serve as a reliable indicator of radiated emissions, as some of these emissions propagate through cable wiring.

GaN/SiC Transistors for Your Next Design: Fight or Flight?

This article offers some useful insights and guidelines on how to effectively design and test systems using wide band gap devices to optimize product performance and achieve EMC compliance.

Locating the Noise Source of the 10-30 MHz “Hump”

During conducted emission tests, one of the challenges manufacturers face is the resonance peaks in the harmonic noise somewhere between 10 MHz and 30 MHz. Often, no amount of filtering will eradicate or attenuate the peak.
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In-Situ Radiated Emission Testing of Large Systems Installations

When it comes to in-situ radiated emission measurements, the combination of near- and far-field measurements is often the best approach.

Four Useful Tips for Using Affordable Benchtop Spectrum Analyzers

In this column, we discuss several important features of a spectrum analyzer not covered in previous articles that are worth your consideration.

Troubleshooting Intra-System EMI

Many individual components in electrical and electronic systems and devices are integrated into systems that are required to function as a whole. Examples of such systems include large electric vehicles, fixed industrial installations, novel scientific products such as quantum computers, and more. There are two EMC-related aspects to consider: intra-system EMC and inter-system EMC. This article focuses on the intra-system EMC aspect while also considering the inter-system aspect.

A Capacitively Coupled Pin Injection Method for Troubleshooting Immunity Issues

Although most modern RF amplifiers have a high voltage device rating against impedance mismatch, special care is needed to prevent impedance mismatch. To avoid impedance mismatch of the power amplifier, often an attenuator is also recommended to be connected between the output of the power amplifier and the flying probe.

Troubleshooting EMI Issues Caused by Structural Resonances

Most EMI issues are caused by a resonance that is excited somewhere in the system. It may be a resonance of a cable acting as an antenna or a heatsink energized by the power electronics switches bolted to it, becoming a good radiator. In this article, we look at the indicators that signal the presence of structural resonances and provide techniques for fixing the EMI issues. Practical case studies are presented to demonstrate the techniques.
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