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Kenneth Wyatt

Kenneth Wyatt, Sr. EMC Engineer, Wyatt Technical Services LLC, holds degrees in biology and electronic engineering and has worked as a senior EMC engineer for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies for 21 years. He also worked as a product development engineer for 10 years at various aerospace firms on projects ranging from DC-DC power converters to RF and microwave systems for shipboard and space systems. A prolific author and presenter, he has written or presented topics including RF amplifier design, RF network analysis software, EMC design of products and use of harmonic comb generators for predicting shielding effectiveness. He has been published in magazines such as RF Design, Test & Measurement World, Electronic Design, Microwave Journal, Interference Technology, HP Journal, and several others. Kenneth is a senior member of the IEEE and a long time member of the EMC Society where he serves as their official photographer. He is also a member of the dB Society and is a licensed amateur radio operator. His comprehensive yet practical EMC design, measurement, and troubleshooting seminars have been presented across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

From This Author

EMC Bench Notes: Embedded Processor Characterization and Design Review

Let's use the basic tools and spectrum analyzer setup described in the last two months and use them to characterize an actual embedded processor board based on the Arduino design.

EMC Bench Notes: How to Use Spectrum Analyzers for EMC

Spectrum analyzers are usually the tool of choice for troubleshooting CE or RE. In recent years, the cost of a basic analyzer has dropped markedly. However, the more expensive lab-quality analyzers will have advanced measurement features that may be worth considering.

EMC Bench Notes: Some Starting Tools

As a product designer, a major issue you'll face is radiated emissions. This month, we'll outline the basic tools to characterize and mitigate radiated emissions at your workbench. This summarizes the fundamental test equipment to identify sources of harmonic noise and characterize radiated emissions.

EMC Bench Notes: Just Starting Out In EMC?

What if you could confidently characterize and resolve EMC vulnerabilities before they escalate to profit decimation?

Book Review: Power Integrity by Steven Sandler

I’ve often wondered why some harmonic emissions were unrelated to obvious clock oscillators, system...
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Troubleshooting Radiated Emissions: Three Case Studies

Radiated emissions (RE) are often the number-one cause of compliance failures for most electronic products. This article describes simple troubleshooting steps and tools to isolate most RE issues.

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