Dipole-Type Antennas in EMC Testing

This two-article series is devoted to a dipole family of antennas used in EMC testing: half-wave dipole, quarter-wave monopole, log-periodic, and biconical antenna. Part I presents the antenna models and the construction details.

Basic EMC Rules

This article discusses the origins, justification, and interrelations between some of basic EMC rules regarding the highest significant frequency (bandwidth) present in digital signals, definition of the electrically short structures, and the transmission line criterion.

Skin Depth in Good Conductors

This tutorial article focuses on the skin depth phenomenon in good conductors. In order to explain this concept, we begin with the uniform plane propagation, leading to the wave equations and their solutions in... Read More...

Common-Mode Current Creation and Suppression

This article discusses the creation of a common-mode current in a typical circuit and explains the effectiveness of a common-mode choke on differential-mode and common-mode currents.

Basic Bode Plots in EMC Applications – Part II: Examples

This Part II of the tutorial illustrates the Bode plots’ use in several EMC applications. EMC applications will include the non-ideal models of resistors, inductors, and capacitors, as well as the spectral bounds on digital clock signals.