AT4 Wireless establishes its First Anechoic MIMO OTA Test Laboratory

anechoic test chamberAT4 wireless announces that it has completed the set-up of a new Laboratory for Over the Air (OTA) Testing MIMO measurements at its Malaga, Spain H.Q. This facility will conduct radiated performance measurements for cellular and wireless devices in a multipath environment simulating a wide range of real world scenarios.

It is expected that a larger percentage of LTE and Wi-Fi devices will support MIMO in the coming months;
AT4 wireless is opening this laboratory first of all to support R&D and pre-testing for its customers so they can be ready for future certification requirements from PTCRB and CTIA.

The AT4 wireless OTA MIMO facility consists of a fully anechoic chamber supplied by ETS-Lindgren Model AMS-8700, supporting a 16 antenna ring designed to generate single and multi-cluster environments, along with Anite’s Propsim F32 Channel Emulator. AT4 wireless has worked closely with both ETS-Lindgren and Anite for many years.

“AT4 wireless has already been testing OTA MIMO in Japan together with a partner lab* but in that case with a reverb chamber, so this is our first anechoic MIMO OTA facility at the AT4 wireless Group and other geos may follow as the market evolves.” “We are confident to effectively support the R&D and pretesting projects demanded from our customers with the high quality of the recently inaugurated facilities and with our experienced technical team. At the same time, we are working to obtain the accreditations needed to offer certification testing services that we expect will be demanded later on this year once the standards are approved” said Juan Carlos Soler, Global Regulatory Labs Manager, AT4 wireless, S.A.

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