Associated Research, Inc. Releases Autowave2™ Automation and Data Collection Software

Associated Research, Inc. has announced the release of their Autowave2™ automation and data collection software suite. Improvements in this release include and intuitive graphical user interface, drop and drag functionality, color visual indicators and detailed feature explanations.

Autoware 2™ includes several new features that revolutionize the way electrical safety tests are performed.  BatchTEST™ allows operators to shave minutes off total test time by testing multiple DUT’s simultaneously. Combined with a scanning matrix, users can perform AC/DC Withstand tests on several DUT’s in a convenient 1-step test. In the event of a failure, Autoware 2 will automatically test each individual DUT to isolate the cause of the failure.

Autowave2™ automatically identifies test instruments that are connected to the system, streamlining the setup process for safe electrical testing workstation.

Autoware 2™ is available in two different versions to satisfy a wide variety of application requirements. The Full version includes all the features and functions of Autoware 2™. The Data Logging version provides a more economical option for users who only need to capture and log test data. Each version is provided with 3 user licenses.

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