Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Provide Medically Approved Health Advice

Artificial intelligence is truly remarkable. Every day it becomes more complex, able to solve increasingly difficult problems and deal with unexpected situations. And the newest evolution could do even more: provide medically approved health advice to millions of people.

Scientists at the University of Essex have joined forces with Orbital Media to create a new kind of artificial intelligence (AI). This AI will come to the aid of the National Health Services (NHS) in England, providing medical advice and tips to patients. The automated service will hopefully help ease the load the NHS is currently struggling under.

As more and more people turn to the internet for medical advice, a reliable and accurate source of information is clearly needed — particularly with so much misinformation out there. Creating an artificial intelligence service that will help people with minor and self-treatable issues will ease a lot of worried minds and help medical professionals focus on the more serious concerns. Not only that, the AI system is expected to help save billions in funds.

“AI has a key role to play in supporting future healthcare needs and this is just the beginning of our exploration into its potential applications within healthcare pathways. It’s hugely exciting for Orbital Media to be at the forefront of this cutting edge technology, which could produce genuinely revolutionary improvements for our healthcare system.”

Peter Brady, Orbital Media CEO

The AI project is expected to last 30 months, and once completed will provide an entirely automated system that will be able to pinpoint maladies and provide patients with accurate and informed medical advice. Should the system prove successful, the implications will be far-reaching. Not only will it provide an amazing new resource for the medical community, the system could be adapted for numerous other needs. Soon, artificial intelligence could be a consistent — and welcome — part of the medical treatment process.

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