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We begin 2010 with great optimism. Last year, 2009, our certification renewals and applications for new certifications exceeded our expectations. We are delighted to see that the value of our credential has been so well appreciated during these difficult times for our global communities.

All our new programs and initiatives announced in 2009 started well, and our Education Advisory Committees, EACs, are already setting dates and venues for both Professional Development Workshops and iNCLA Credentialing Workshops to be held in 2010.

I am not sure what we did but our neighbors decided to move out a few months ago. Maybe it was something we said!!!


We did not realize it was a mobile home next door

Or maybe they heard about the musical talents of some of the iNARTE Board.

1001_inarte_elya 1001_inarte_mike

Elya Joffe and Mike Violette, both members of the iNARTE Board,
entertain attendees at EMC2009 in Austin


iNARTE Certified Laboratory Auditor, iNCLA

This new program to certify those internal auditors, who have the responsibility to prepare a Test or Certification laboratory for assessment to ISO/IEC 17025, was launched in 2009. Two training and credentialing workshops are now planned for 2010 in cooperation with the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, ACLASS. The first will be held in Atlanta, March 16th-19th, with the second being in Chicago, September14th-17th.  Watch for detailed venue announcements on the iNARTE website,

Associate Engineer and Associate Technician. iNAE/iNAT

Associate certification is now available to graduates from iNARTE accredited Universities and Training Institutes who achieve a high GPA and who are endorsed by a senior member of faculty. This credential enables new graduates to enter the work force and build their career, while enjoying the advantages of iNARTE membership as they accumulate experience for full Certification. Graduates from other curricula may also apply for this credential, but further examination will be required.

This new iNARTE program has been enthusiastically received by both the IEEE EMC Society and the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society. Both have agreed to offer all iNARTE Associates a one year free membership with all the associated benefits this offers to young engineers and technicians starting their careers.

The first University in the USA to become iNARTE accredited was Missouri University of Science and Technology, MUST, who offer a range of EMC and ESD courses, including hands on training at their very well equipped EMC Laboratory.


Brian Lawrence, iNARTE, presents the MUST Accreditation Certificate
to students at the Universities EMC laboratory

Training and Professional Development

iNARTE’s Education Advisory Committees are busy planning their 2010 schedule of professional development workshops. It is expected that by popular demand both of the 2009 events will have to be repeated in 2010, with the addition of at least two others. The two repeat events will be:

ANSI C63.10 Workshop – Expected to be at UL Northbrook. IL


High Power Electromagnetic (HPEM) Threats – Expected to be in Gaithersburg,MD

Watch the iNARTE website,, for specific details on these and our other events as they are developed. favicon

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