Ready for the RoHS Recast?


A quick update on the timeline for publication – just the dates

Many companies are patiently waiting for any word on the RoHS Directive Recast, particularly the timeframe in which enforcement is likely to commence. This is the latest information on the timeline and expected dates for the RoHS Recast. It is current as of March 3, 2011.

In March 2011, the European Commission received translations of the RoHS Directive Recast for approval. Once approved translations are available, publication into the European Commission’s Official Journal is possible. As of this article, the Parliament is fine-tuning the various language versions of the Recast based on the draft text the European Parliament agreed to in November 2010.

Action / Event Date / Timeline
Approval by EC of RoHS Recast Directive translated into all languages March 2011
Publication into EC Official Journal April/May 2011
Directive Entry into Force +20 days
Member State deadline for transposition into National Law +18 months
Estimated enforcement date by Member States Nov 2012

* Dates may change, dates as of information March 2011
Key Dates Table – RoHS Directive Recast

Once publication in the EU Official Journal, the new RoHS Directive is to be in force approximately 20 days after publication. As with the original casting of the directive, EU member states will have approximately eighteen (18) months to transpose the directive into national law.

The BIS in the UK speculates the EC to start developing guidance this year, but that process has yet to start. The UK would supplement that if necessary, but we would prefer a Europe wide approach. favicon