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Cuming-Lehman Chamber Incorporated (C-LCI) specializes in the design and construction of anechoic chambers and host facilities tailor made to fit your performance needs and personal preferences. Our experienced staff and highly skilled project managers provide C-LCI with the capacity to be the total turnkey solution for all of your testing needs.

From the formulation of an advanced material in our laboratory to the construction of a host facility in the field, we are the world’s leading authority on the development of technology and products for the RFI/EMI Absorber, Radar Cross Section Reduction and Anechoic Chamber markets.

Core Capabilities

  • 3M, 5M, 10M EMC; MIL STD; Compact Ranges; Near Field; Antenna Measurement Chambers
  • Shielded Enclosures, (welded, modular or “stick built” construction).
  • Retrofits & Relocations
  • Refurbishments and relocations
  • Large Shielded Doors
  • Turntables, Antenna Masts, Controllers
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Microwave absorbers
  • Host facilities (Certified Star Building Systems)
  • CCTV’s & Intercom Systems
  • Ramps, Ladders, Lifts, Platforms & Cranes
  • Lighting – LED, Fiber Optic
  • Filters
  • HVAC Systems
  • Fire Detection / Protection Systems
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Ferrite Tiles, Specialty Absorbers & di-electrics

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