Commercial Wireless Compliance Webinar Series

Time to market is essential for survival. The intense pressure of globalization, especially in the electronics industry, pushes the need to introduce new product designs as quickly as possible. Shelf life in the electronics industry is not much longer than the lifespan of a fruit fly.

This four-part series of webinars looks at key compliance requirements for electronic devices and popular wireless technologies. Instruction is aimed at consumer and commercial product developers in the ITE, communications, energy, industrial and robotics industries.


4773693893_4ea90d9483_iphonePart I: FCC Part 15 Essentials | May 20 Part I: FCC Part 15 Essentials The series will commence with a fundamentals-based training in Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Rules that govern electronic devices. The Commission’s Rules, originally crafted to serve broadcasters (largely) evolved quickly as radio technologies became common and ubiquitous. With the advent of the personal computer and low power wireless devices, the Rules evolved ever more.

See detailed syllabus for Part I


3603887078_c3fa7ed876_antenna-personPart II: SAR and Radiation Hazards | August 19 In Part II: SAR and Radiation Hazards we will explore the requirements for the protection of human health and safety from radio frequency energy. The original requirements for protection of persons from radio frequency energy grew out of research conducted in the 1950s and 1960s, as radio services expanded. The original requirements, in the US, were promulgated under ANSI C95.1, which was originally issued in 1974. Since then, volumes of studies, measurements, reports and discussion have swirled around the issues of the safety of radio frequency fields.

See detailed syllabus for Part II


8114432077_807258bf9e_WiFiPart III: Broadband Devices | September 16 Part III: Broadband Devices explores the technologies that we have come to take for granted. The driving force behind many of these enabling technologies have been driven by the IEEE 802.xx series of specifications, which have brought a rise in Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and related digital modulation and transfer techniques. The bandwidths of the signals are expanding, as more allocations are allowed for “WiFi” and related services. The markets for radio products oversees is enormous and

See detailed syllabus for Part III


5197654927_cf1158b8a3_apple-store-chinaPart IV: Wireless Approvals in the Far East | November 4 Part IV: Wireless Approvals in the Far East will explore methods to introduce products into those large economies. Notably, we will explore the regulatory regimes in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Oceania, where nearly one-half the population of the world resides.

See details syllabus for Part IV

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