ARRL Says That Grow Light Ballasts Are Causing Interference

Grow Light BallastThe ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio, has lodged a formal compliant with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), contending that ballasts used in certain models of grow lights are creating interference with amateur radio operations.

According to an article from the ARRL website published earlier this year, numerous amateur radio operators notified the ARRL of radio signal interference in the medium to high frequency bands between 1.8 MHz and 30 MHz, attributable to nearby grow lights and other RF lighting devices. Subsequent conducted emissions testing performed by the ARRL on specific ballast models showed emissions in the HF band that significantly exceeded FCC rules.

According to the ARRL, “the level of conducted emissions from (the tested) device is so high that…one RF ballast operated in a residential environment would create preclusive interference to Amateur Radio HF communications throughout entire neighborhoods.”

A copy of the ARRL’s testing report was sent to the FCC as part of its compliant, along with a request by ARRL’s General Counsel for immediate action by the Commission.

Read the complete ARRL press release about the interference from grow lights.

(Thanks to In Compliance reader Wes Plouff for bringing this issue to our attention!)

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