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Army Releases List of Most Impressive Technology Advances of the Past Year

The United States Army has released an official list outlining its most impressive, cutting-edge, and downright coolest technological advancements. Covering the past year of advances, insights, and experiments, this list not only reveals how far the technology of the Army has come; it also shows what the future may hold in many different fields of study. Take a look at what the US Army ranked as its top coolest creations and advancements of 2019.

5. Advanced Brainwave Monitoring For Soldiers: US Army researchers have developed a new device that can detect human interest, allowing them to better understand exactly what attracts the attention of soldiers out in the field. By tracking and analyzing an assortment of neural responses, scientists can help soldiers to improve their situational awareness under hazardous conditions and provide them with the information they need to make smart evasive maneuvers.

4. Algorithmic Robots With Advanced Capabilities: A new system known as CRYSTAL has been created to help explore materials that could prove a source of power for soldiers. CRYSTAL is made up of a collective of algorithmic robots. These bots work together in harmony to sift through hundreds of thousands of different materials to find those that could one day power the next generation of technology for soldiers.

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3. New Methods For Directional Communication: Sending directional radio signals can prove a major challenge in complex or unstable environments. Now, US Army engineers are creating small, compact robotic platforms. These platforms come equipped with artificial intelligence and low-frequency antennas that work in harmony to adapt to the environment and self-organize directional radio signals for optimal communication.

2. Self-Repairing Material: Researchers have created a new type of material that is capable of ‘healing’ any damage incurred. Scientists developed reversible cross-linking epoxy that has the ability to self-repair at room temperature without the presence of any additional stimuli.

1. Robot Soldiers: While this might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, it’s getting closer to reality every day. Scientists are developing programs and algorithms that allow autonomous robots to take to the field, working in conjunction with their human counterparts. Although still in developmental stages, this technology could prove a major game-changer for the United States Army.

See the full list, here.

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