Aries Electronics Announces Thermal Solutions for Test And Burn-In Socket Line

Thermal MapAries Electronics, a US manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, burn-in and test IC sockets, and adapters used worldwide, announced the introduction of its new thermal profiling solution for its test and burn-in socket line of products.

Aries’ thermal profile solutions go beyond standard heat-sink and fan options offered by others.  This solution incorporates advanced thermal profiling software to develop an application/IC specific thermal analysis for each customer’s requirements.

This software will analyze all of the necessary parameters within the socket/IC/test environment and determine the correct heat sink/fan/cooling combination necessary to optimize the test and burn-in application.  This enables the socket to be thermally correct before it is placed into its final environment saving Aries’ customers time and money.

New thermal profiles are initiated using an online fill-in .pdf form linked from all of Aries’ test and burn-in socket pages.

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