Aries Electronics Announces New Socket Break-Out Boards

Socket with Breakout Board 2

Aries Electronics, a US manufacturer of standard and custom, burn-in and test IC sockets, adapters and interconnection products used worldwide, announces the introduction of its new custom Break-Out Boards for test sockets.

Aries’ new Break-Out Boards allow the user to quickly, easily and economically route-out signals for use on existing DUT (Device-Under-Test) or prototype test boards. Aries will route the signals to any configuration chosen by the customer. In addition, capacitors, resistors and RF connectors can be added as required, enabling a faster and more elegant adaptation to be achieved as compared to “stock” adaptors.

These Break-Out Boards are available in any size or configuration for both thru-hole and SMT applications. They mate well with all of the standard Aries’ test sockets as well as having the ability to adapt sockets from other suppliers. For additional information, contact Paul Ruo, Aries Electronics Inc., 2609 Bartram Road, Bristol, Pa. 19007-6810; Tel: +1.215-781-9956; Email:


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