Aries Electronics Announce High-Temp 250° C QFP/QFN Test Sockets

Aries Electronics has announced the introduction of its new 250°C QFP/QFN Test Sockets. The new contact strip sockets are ideal for testing devices in need of high-temp testing as well as “down-hole” devices. Where normal test socket performance made from industry standard BeCu contacts roll-off sharply after 150°C, these new sockets perform up to 250°C.

These sockets are fully (X, Y & Z) customizable, with machined bodies available in virtually ANY size, on lead pitches of 0.4mm and higher. The contact material is stainless steel offering a very low inductance (0.01nH) signal path in addition to the high-temperature rating. It is rated to at least 19Ghz (-1dB) and has an estimated life of about 500k cycles.

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