AR Expanding Headquarters To Provide More Power For Manufacturing & Testing High-Power Amplifiers

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has broken ground on a major expansion project at its headquarters in Souderton, PA, USA. The expansion, which will add a two story 10,000 sq. ft. addition, will give AR the capabilities to manufacture and test high-power amplifiers in excess of 100 kW.

“We’re pushing the power envelope,” said Donald “Shep” Shepherd, Chairman of AR, “because emerging technologies are creating a greater need for more powerful amplifiers and systems to test new products through GHz frequencies.”

In keeping with its commitment to support the need for higher-power and higher frequency amplifiers, AR is also expanding its microelectronics lab by over 150%. The larger microelectronics laboratory will accommodate additional module manufacturing space to keep up with this outstanding growth.

“As AR customers require larger, more powerful amplifiers, we’ll be ready for their future needs, ” Shepherd said.

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