Applied System Engineering, Inc. Introduces New TWT Amplifier

Applied System Engineering, Inc. has introduced a new TWT amplifier that provides provides 750 Watts at duty cycles up to 10% from 34 to 36 GHZ.  Model 177Ka has an RF output pulse width tracks the input 5 volt video pulse. All power supplies are regulated, Phase Shifted Resonant Mode DC to DC converter designs operating at 50 KHz.  The TWT power supplies feature full load efficiency greater than 90%, and fast regulation loop response which provides minimal output variations at any PRF including non-periodic and burst PRF.  Power supply and power line related spurious signals are below    -50 dBc. 

The 4-line vacuum florescence display provides TWT amplifier status, operating and heater time, TWT cathode and collector voltages and helix and beam current.  All parameters available at the front panel display are also available on the remote interface.  Plug-in PC boards are available behind the front panel door with test points and controls on the exposed edge of the PC boards.  Modular design provides convenient accessibility to all subassemblies in the TWT amplifier.  There is no exposed high voltage.

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