App rewards kids for chores (from our “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file)

Tired of bribing your children the old fashioned way to help out with household tasks and other chores? Now, there’s an app for that!

A Cincinnati-based company has released an application for Apple iPhones and other devices that attempts to turn completing assigned chores into a game for children ages 4 to 12 years old. The app, called ChoreMonster, allows parents to assign point values to specific chores, enabling children to amass the required number of points to earn a reward, such as ice cream or a sleepover. Children can use the app to log completed tasks, and parents are notified so that they can verify that the task was completed.

According to Chris Bergman, the company’s founder, 21,000 children completed more than 300,000 chores during an eight month testing period prior to ChoreMonster’s launch. “If rewards aren’t enough incentive, the empowerment typically is,” according to Bergman. “A lot of times the reward is just empowering the child to make their own decision.”