AMP4065P-1KW Pulse Amplifier

18–26.5 GHz Solid-State Power Amplifier Delivers 1 kW Pulsed

Exodus Advanced Communications has developed a high-power solid-state amplifier (HPA) system for Millimeter Pulse Radar testing applications as well as general radiated susceptibility requirements such as EMI-Lab/RS103 and electronic warfare applications. The AMP4065P-1KW Pulse Amplifier covers the full K-band of 18 to 26.5 GHz Instantaneously providing outstanding RF Pulse Fidelity. The amp satisfies Pulse requirements for Radar applications with narrow or wide RF pulses and duty cycles to 5%. To do this; the AMP4065P-1KW produces at least 1000W Pulse power across the band with 3 dB peak-to-peak power gain flatness. The HPA uses a class AB design, achieving less than -20 dBc harmonics at rated output and -60 dBc Spurious with an 80dB On/Off Ratio.

The Pulse HPA has extensive control and monitoring, including optional calibrated power monitoring. Monitoring can be done via the large 7-in. color display or via remote control. The color touchscreen also shows in addition to the forward and reflected power—it shows the VSWR in real time—and system voltages and currents as well as the operating temperatures of the PA module/s heat sinks and internal system temperature. Gain control is also incorporated with >20dB range which is accessible using the screen or the remote interface.

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The AMP4065P-1KW is Rack Integrated and unique by being an unprecedented SSPA for this high frequency millimeter frequency range.

The HPA has type K (2.92mm) female connectors for the RF input and optional RF sampling ports; to handle the high power, the RF output connector is a WR42 Waveguide flange.

Exodus Advanced Communications’ product lines use LDMOS, GaN HEMT and GaAs technology, a good share of the devices are also manufactured by the company. In addition to High Power Amplifiers, Exodus designs low noise amplifiers, modules and multi-band systems for applications from 10 kHz to > 51 GHz.

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