Ametherm’s SURGE-GARD™ Inrush Current Limiters Certified to UL 1434 for Single- and Three-Phase Input Voltages to 480 VAC

Ametherm announced that its SURGE-GARD™ series of NTC inrush current limiting thermistors, recently acquired by Ametherm from Measurement Specialties (formerly RTI Electronics), has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification per UL file number E209153. The devices are certified to UL 1434 for single- and three-phase input voltages up to 480 VAC.

Manufactured in Ametherm’s Carson City, Nevada, facility, SURGE-GARD series devices are capable of handling high steady-state currents to 36 A and input energy to 250 J. Available with more than 40 options in multiple leaded package styles, the components offer resistance at +25 °C (R25) from 0.4 Ω to 220 Ω with tolerances down to ±10%, maximum operating voltage to 265 VRMS, and beta from 3000 °K to 3965 °K.

Constructed of specially formulated metal oxide ceramic materials, RoHS-2- and REACH-compliant SURGE-GARD thermistors are optimized for a wide variety of applications that require inrush current limiting to reduce noise and circuit failure — including power supplies, motor drives, HVAC motors, motor drives, transformers, and amplifiers. In these applications, the devices lower costs and increase reliability by eliminating the need to use resistors, timers, and relays.

The devices are available direct or through distributors such as Sager, Mouser, IBS Electronics, and Digi-Key, with factory lead times of five weeks. Volume pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.30 per piece.

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