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Ametherm Appoints Renee Fletcher as Director of Sales

Ametherm announced that the company has appointed Renee Fletcher as its director of sales. In her new role, Fletcher will be responsible for developing short- and long-term strategies to drive sales as the company rapidly expands to meet the needs of the power market.

Fletcher brings more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry to Ametherm. She began her career as an inside sales rep with RTI Electronics, and nine years later she joined its management team as the company’s national sales manager. In this role, Fletcher was key in developing sales strategies that led the company to its first $10 million year. She comes to Ametherm from API Technologies, where as product manager she was instrumental in ensuring profit growth and product line expansion for the company.

“As a sales veteran in the electronics industry, Renee offers a tremendous amount of market knowledge and a proven ability to drive profit growth,” said Eric Rauch, president and CEO of Ametherm. “Furthermore, she is experienced with RTI Electronics’ former SURGE-GARD™ line of inrush current limiters, which we acquired in October of last year. Renee is a fantastic addition to the Ametherm team, and we are excited to have her guiding our sales efforts as we move forward.”

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