AMETEK Solidstate Controls Introduces RECon 1000V Modular PV Inverter Line

AMETEK Solidstate Controls has introduced the RECon 1000V UL Modular PV inverter, manufactured by FRIEM S.p.A. The RECon 1000V is the industry’s first modular PV inverter with UL 1741 certification, which covers inverters, converters, charge controllers, and interconnection systems used in standalone (non-grid connected) and grid-connected power systems. UL certification is a widely recognized benchmark that ensures a particular product meets UL standards in terms of quality and performance.

The inverters are produced at FRIEM manufacturing facilities in Italy and sold by Solidstate Controls within the United States, Canada and Mexico. Based in Milan, FRIEM is a well-established manufacturer of high-power inverters, for which AMETEK Solidstate has exclusive North American distribution. Customers have come to rely on FRIEM for high-quality, high-performance products and on Solidstate Controls for its customer service, technical assistance and warranty.

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