Amateur Radio Chimes in on Hotel Wi-Fi Petition

Ham Radio by Tracie HallAmateur radio operators have filed complaints with the FCC regarding Marriott’s Wi-Fi petition. The hotel group argues that they should be able to control all Wi-Fi signals on their property, but radio operators join others who disagree.

Several radio operators have filed opposing comments. They are especially concerned with the hotel petition because Amateur Radio Service bands fall within the same frequencies as the Wi-Fi that is up for discussion. These bands are not privately owned and have previously been available to the public. Radio operators argue that if the hotel industry’s FCC petition is approved then attempts to block part 15 hot spots would also interfere with Part 97 Amateur Radio Service.

In one insightful comment, Archturat C. Baumann agreed with fellow amateur radio operators’ statements and took the discussion one step further, adding that allowing hotels to control internet access could prevent assistive technologies such as Google Glass applications that aid people with hearing or speech disabilities.

The FCC is still taking comments and has not ruled on the issue yet. Stay tuned!


Source: Radio Survivor | FCC