Agilent Technologies Opens On-Site, State-of-the-Art Semi-Anechoic Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber for Electronic Test

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the opening of its 5-meter semi-anechoic electromagnetic compatibility chamber facility for electronic test at the company’s Santa Rosa, Calif., site. The new facility expands Agilent’s in-house EMC test capacity, increasing the speed of product development and ensuring products’ long-term conformance to emerging standards for electromagnetic emissions and electromagnetic interference.

The EMC chamber enables Agilent product designers to ensure that electronic instruments are tested using today’s most efficient methods. It also provides the flexibility to add capacity and handle new technologies in the future.

The expanded 3,800-square-foot EMC laboratory features a 1,300-square-foot, 5-meter semi-anechoic chamber and several additional EMC test stations. Typical Agilent products that would require EMI testing in Santa Rosa include oscilloscopes, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal sources and modular products.

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