Agilent Technologies Announces Second Edition LTE and LTE-Advanced Book

Agilent has announced the second edition of its book “LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless: Design and Measurement Challenges,” adding LTE-Advanced and more to its in-depth examination of the 3GPP LTE cellular technology and the challenges it poses to engineering design and test times. This edition provides technical and practical knowledge about complex LTE and LTE-Advanced technology.

The content is from Agilent engineers working with the technology on a daily basis, both in the lab and on LTE standards committees. This edition is updated with the latest 3GPP standards including Release 11 and provides insights looking forward to Release 12. There is more detail on physical and upper layer signaling, MIMO and advanced testing on receivers and transmitters. New material covering functional testing and the latest on RF and signaling conformance testing has been added. A new section on non-signal manufacturing test has also been included in this edition.

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