Agilent Technologies Announces NFC Forum Approval for Analog Test System

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the successful validation of its T3111S NFC Test System for NFC Forum Analog testing.  During its members’ meeting March 17-21 in San Francisco, the NFC Forum confirmed that the Agilent T3111S is one of the first test tools approved for NFC Forum Analog testing. The validation house selected by the NFC Forum performed extensive testing, including comparisons using other candidates’ tools.

The T3111S was validated for NFC Forum Digital Protocol testing in 2011. With today’s announcement, test laboratories are now equipped to use the T3111S to expand their NFC Forum conformance test programs to include Analog testing. The Analog compliance-assured package is a suite of 33 additional tests comprised of 11 poll-mode and 22 listen-mode cases. The solution is complemented by the Agilent T1142A Automatic Positioning Robot to ensure maximum positioning accuracy and repeatability.

In addition to the validated NFC Forum Digital Protocol and Analog testing capability, the T3111S also supports testing for NFC Forum peer-to-peer protocols, LLCP and SNEP, with validation currently under way.

The Agilent T3111S NFC test system is used worldwide by silicon, reference-design mobile-phone, card and terminal developers; testing laboratories; and operators. The integrated and easy-to-use Agilent system has been widely adopted and supports popular NFC, contactless, ISO and RFID test methodologies.

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