Agilent Technologies Announces Availability of New Power Products Catalog

The newly updated Power Products Catalog shows Agilent’s full line of more than 300 DC power supplies, DC loads and AC power sources. The catalog is designed to help engineers find just the right power supply to meet their test requirements and budgets.  The new products listed in the catalog include:

  • The new advanced Power System N6900 and N7900 Series Power Supplies help engineers overcome tough power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications for fast operation, advanced measurements to accurately capture power profiles and integrated features to reduce automated test system development time and support costs.
  • N8900 Series Autoranging System DC Power Supplies offer 5, 10, and 15 kW outputs that can be easily paralleled to create ‘one’ power supply with more than 100 kW of power.  A single autoranging N8900 output does the job of many power supplies by providing a wide range of voltage and current combination at full power.

To download the catalog, visit