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Agilent Technologies Adds 50/67 GHz Models, Real-Time Measurement Uncertainty Capability to USB Thermocouple Power Sensors

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the addition of two new models to its U8480 Series USB thermocouple power sensors. The U8480 Series now comes with improved specifications, including an expanded frequency range to 67 GHz and a measurement speed of 900 readings/second, maintaining the U8480 Series’ status as the world’s fastest USB thermocouple power sensors.

The U8480 Series’ real-time measurement uncertainty feature, the first of its kind in the industry, significantly reduces overall test time by removing the need for time-consuming manual measurement uncertainty (MU) calculations. Users can now compute MU in real time and at any given point. The feature also allows them to display power measurements and their MU simultaneously, simplifying test measurement and increasing test accuracy.

The U8480 Series provides best accuracy and repeatability with thermocouple sensing technology and a power linearity of less than 0.8 percent. The new S-parameter and gamma correction functions further improve measurement accuracy by correcting the mismatch errors caused by inserted components between the device-under-test and the power sensor, making the U8480 Series suitable for applications such as test system or instrument calibration.

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Like all Agilent USB power sensors, the U8480 Series can be used as an accessory for other Agilent instruments, allowing these instruments to perform specific power measurement applications without needing to connect to a PC or laptop. The U8480 Series is compatible with Agilent FieldFox RF analyzers and MXG signal generators, giving them power meter functionalities. The power sensors also perform source power calibration with Agilent PNA, PNA-L and PNA-X network analyzers. And with USB functionality and the bundled N1918A Power Panel software, measuring high-frequency power measurements in applications ranging from high-volume manufacturing to calibration and field remote monitoring has never been more convenient.

Additional information on the U8480 Series is available at

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