Aeroflex Announces Support for dPMR and NXDN Vocoder Operation on the 3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex Incorporated announced support for the dPMR and NXDN Vocoder for the 3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set. The addition of the AMBE2+ Vocoder for dPMR and NXDN digital narrowband technologies allows users to decode voice data directly on the test set.

“Our customers have consistently requested this feature for the 3920B. The addition of the Vocoder support continues to show Aeroflex’s support for the PMR market by continuing to offer the broadest range of support available on any test system,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing for Aeroflex Radio Test Systems. “This new vocoder technology allows users to decode and listen to critical voice information directly over the air or from radio systems under test.”

In addition to vocoder support for dPMR and NXDN technologies, Software Version 3.3.0 supports enhancements for P25 and TETRA Enhanced Data Standard (TEDS) operational modes for the 3920B.

Software Version 3.3.0 will be available in 4 weeks and can be downloaded directly from the Aeroflex web site at The software is free of charge for both the 3920B and the legacy 3920 Series product line.