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Introducing the Electrical Engineering Resource Center

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Some call it content marketing some call it resource development, either way we recognize the investment needed to produce valuable materials and the EERC is the perfect place to share your content.

Don't just let your valuable resources go untouched. Dust off those gems and share them with the engineers who appreciate them!

If your organization has developed materials that foster technical comprehension, offer guidance, demonstrate important information and concepts, or help engineers to advance in the workplace then the EERC is the place to share your assets with an engaged and targeted audience. Contribute to the compliance community and cultivate new opportunities with your established expertise.

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How to Participate in the EERC

Interested in sharing and promoting your valuable assets?

The In Compliance EERC highlights a collection of valuable resources to help engineers solve and understand challenges in the workplace by providing an increased depth of knowledge or tools to ease their day.

Resources are showcased in a thoughtful way, and can be filtered by topic. In addition, we provide easy browsing options arranged by industry, topics, and content types. Information shared in our resource center should be of substantial value to our audience and is subject to review by the publisher.

Share and promote your valuable resources

Resource assets housed in the In Compliance Electrical Engineering Resource Center receive a three-month promotion which includes the following promotional pushes:

  • Dedicated landing pages
  • TechConnect e-Newsletter (3x rotation)
  • feature areas
  • In Compliance Magazine –  Dedicated promotional area

Contact your account manager or send us an email to learn more about the benefits for our EERC Partners.

Make an impact with tailored messaging

Our Premium Lead Nurturing Program moves marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads through a series of emails sent over a 3-4 week period after first interaction. Custom questions are crafted with your In Compliance representative to determine prospect needs:

Program includes:

  • The Hosting & Promoting Program Inclusions
  • Customized download form
  • Series of nurturing emails tailored to buyer journey

Contact your account manager or send us an email to learn more about the benefits for our EERC Partners.

Stand out as a thought leader

Our custom White Paper Program is designed for the marketer who understands the value of a White Paper in establishing thought leadership while reaping the benefits of lead generation. We will develop a custom White Paper for your brand and promote it through our multi-platform lead generation campaigns, leveraging the depth of In Compliance content, audience reach, and SEO expertise.

Custom White Paper Development includes:

  • Summary of discussion with technical expert from your company on a topic of your choice
  • 5-10 pages of composition developed by an In Compliance Editor
  • 2 revisions to the first draft
  • Unlimited distribution rights to final white paper

Contact your account manager or send us an email to learn more about the benefits for our EERC Partners.

Connect with our Qualified Audience

We serve an audience of over 19,000 electrical engineering professionals across multiple disciplines. In Compliance Magazine, eNewsletters, and website have come to be a leading source for news, information, and education.

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