Test Equipment Rental Company Offers Newly Released Combination Wave Surge Generator


NSG 3150

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC), has announced that it will now carry the newly released  Teseq NSG 3150.

The new NSG 3150 15kV Combination Wave Surge Generator will enable users to conduct immunity tests in compliance with IEC/EN-61000-4-5. Built for outdoor applications, the NSG 3150 can be used to test lightning, communication and energy distribution equipment, railways and protection systems and relays. At a height of  7 U, it’s a very compact 15kV surge testing solution, and one of the safest 15kV connectors.

The  NSG 3150 was constructed with a high contrast 7″ touch panel display and an integrated keyboard and thumbwheel for fast and efficient data entry. Standardized tests can now be issued with just a few taps using the integrated Test Assistance (TA) function, making the NSG 3150 very easy to operate.

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