Absorber Nested Antenna Now Available for Wireless Testing

ETS-Lindgren announced a dramatic new addition to its product family of wireless antennas, the Model 3165-01. The new wireless antenna is unique with its absorber nested, dual-polarized dual-Vivaldi array design. Model 3165-01 operates over the 700 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range which covers most cell phone, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and GPS bands. The antenna also offers low reflectivity when nested in the anechoic absorber lining of a chamber. Even if the input ports are mismatched, the normal incidence of reflectivity is approximately -40 dB for the majority of the frequency range. In addition, Model 3165-01 is a dual-linearly polarized antenna, capable of measuring two orthogonal components of the field simultaneously.

“We designed this antenna for applications where source antenna effects must be minimized, such as chambers were the device under test (DUT) is illuminated from different directions,” said Bryan Sayler, ETS-Lindgren’s Senior Vice President and General Manager. “As chamber and antenna manufacturers, we’re fortunate that if we come across a measurement challenge for our wireless chambers, we can approach our antenna design engineers and request a solution. Model 3165-01 is a great example of this teamwork,” he added.

In a multi-antenna installation, commonly found in wireless testing, the Model 3165-01 possesses very low VSWR, while maintaining high directivity. This allows use in the illumination of DUTs, without affecting the adjacent antennas. For user convenience, several mounting options are available. Model 3165-01 is individually calibrated at 1 meter per SAE ARP 958 and is available for immediate shipment.

For complete information, view the datasheet on Model 3165-01.  The the “MIMO Expert Forum” webcast on wireless testing in a multi-antenna environment will be available for on-demand viewing until September 23, 2011.

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