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Product Insights: The Most Important Skill to Develop as a Compliance Professional

There is one important skill to develop, over and above all others, that makes life much easier, sets you on a path toward success, and increases your status as a true compliance professional.

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FDA Proposes Ban on Electrical Stimulation Devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is once again seeking to ban the use of electrical stimulation devices in treating certain mental health issues.

ETSI Releases Reports on THz Communications Systems

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has recently announced the publication of two reports setting out a framework for future standardization efforts applicable to terahertz (THz) communications systems and devices.

FDA Publishes White Paper on AI and Medical Products

Recognizing the growing deployment and use of AI-enabled technologies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has published a white paper on the use of AI in medical products and devices.

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Partner Content

How To Work Safely with High‑Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment

This white paper describes an alternative approach to calibrating high-voltage systems and provides meter and probe safety considerations and general guidance for safely operating high-voltage equipment.

More News

UN Says Electronic Recycling Efforts Are Falling Short of Need

The global production of electronic waste (E-waste) is rising five times faster than current recycling efforts. UN report paints a troubling picture of the world’s current efforts to recycle E-waste efficiently.

FDA Updates Thermal Effects Guidance for Medical Devices

The FDA has published a draft guidance on assessing the thermal effects of medical devices that intentionally or unintentionally produce tissue temperature changes.

FCC Calls on Online Retailers to Cease Selling Non-Secured IoT Devices

The FCC has warned several online retailers to stop the unlawful sale of non-secured IoT devices, such as video doorbells, that are not compliant with FCC equipment authorization requirements.

FCC Implements Voluntary Cyber Labeling Program for Smart Products

The FCC has approved the creation of a voluntary labeling program for connected smart devices that meet rigorous cybersecurity requirements.

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Feature Articles

The Importance of ANSI C63.27 in Wireless Coexistence Testing for Connected Medical Devices

Integrating a radio into a medical device can have many benefits but also introduces new challenges in compliance. Ensuring coexistence with other radios can be critical to the essential performance of medical equipment.

Increasing Correlation of Testing of Battery and Fuel Cell Powered Systems with Their Real-World Applications

Using established circuit analysis techniques and new capabilities in modeling/simulation tools can improve the understanding of battery and fuel cell powered system performance.

Complying With the EU’s EMC Directive Without 3rd Party Testing

Many manufacturers believe that third-party testing is required to meet the requirements of the EU’s EMC Directive. But there are other, legally acceptable paths to demonstrate compliance with the EMC Directive that do not require the use of a third party.

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