9,000 Audible Fire Alarm Bases Recalled by Siemens

Siemens Fire Alarm Base Recall | In Compliance Magazine

Siemens has issued a recall of SBGA-34 audible bases for ceiling-mounted smoke detectors because the alarm can fail to sound when the fire alarm system is activated. The bases are off-white in color, measure six inches in diameter, and were sold from February 2013 to June 2014.

The recalled base has the part number, S54370-F13, with date codes between 0113 through 2314 printed on a label found on the back of the base. The audible base units were used with five Cerberus Pro fire detectors, five Desigo Fire Safety detectors, four H-Series detectors, and four Faraday 87XX-Series fire detectors. Consumers with recalled audible base units should contact Siemens immediately to schedule a free inspection and replace the recalled unit.

Check to see the specific models of fire detectors that use the recalled audible fire alarm bases. 

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