9-way AT Circular Series from Amphenol Features Smaller Flange

9-way AT Circular Series from Amphenol Features Smaller Flange | In Compliance Magazine

Amphenol Industrial Products Group has enhanced its 9-way AT circular series receptacle line by adding one with a smaller flange so that it can be fitted to all heavy equipment vehicles.  The ATC-09-9-1939PN meets SAE J1939, a specification for communication and diagnostics among industrial vehicle components.

Used as a diagnostic connector in demanding applications found on construction and farm equipment as well as in heavy-duty trucks, these round receptacles include a strain relief for the wires coming out of the back of each unit and a wave spring for higher vibration applications.

The upgraded connectors feature simple jam nut mounting for quick assembly and a smaller flange that saves space on mating panels.  These corrosion resistant, heavy-duty industrial connectors are environmentally sealed against moisture and contaminants. They are water resistant up to three feet.  An optional sealing cap for mating interface is available upon request.

The receptacles offer a reverse bayonet coupling design that allows for quick mating and unmating.  Easily withstanding more than 100 mating cycles, the connector’s contact retention system helps decrease installation costs and increase reliability.

These RoHS-compliant connectors work with industry standard size 16 contacts and are made from high quality copper alloy, with nickel and gold plating available.

For more information, please visit http://www.amphenol-industrial.com.

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